CPATH221.jpgThe birth of a child changes everything! Parents experience love and joy while adapting to a new schedule, sleepless nights, family adjustments, and fears. Parents whose children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy are no different, but they will encounter the added stress of ongoing doctor appointments, multiple medical specialists, escalating medical bills, possible health implications, adaptive home requirements, ongoing therapies, unknown future implications, and much more. The life path they planned to walk down has dramatically changed.  They must take a new path with challenges never anticipated.

That’s why we created CPATH, Cerebral Palsy Awareness Transition Hope. We experienced that life-changing moment. In Central Texas, there were virtually no organizations or communities directly supporting cerebral palsy.  There was no one to call to find resources and support from like families, respite opportunities, or financial assistance.

The idea first formed when a few moms met in a physical therapy waiting room.  A play date for children with CP was set.  Upon several play outings, social meet-ups, and exchanging advice, we knew that developing a non-profit organization solely devoted to cerebral palsy was the next logical step. On October 11, 2013, we named ourselves CPATH and applied for non-profit status.

In July of 2014, Cerebral Palsy Awareness Transition Hope was officially declared a 501(c)(3). This monumental step has helped us bring awareness and support to the CP community in Central Texas.  Our mission and vision for CPATH is centralized around providing personalized support in assisting families and individuals living with cerebral palsy while holding true to our core values – respect, community, and integrity for all.

We have created an amazing array of programs including financial grants, social adaptive outings for young children, educational and social opportunities for parents and guardians, and a fully accessible family camp.  CPATH continues to develop new programs and partnerships and is committed to meeting the varied needs of our community.

We look forward to witnessing the joys, triumphs, and personal successes that await each and every person living with cerebral palsy.

On your path,

Victoria, Marielle, and Jamie