We founded CPATH because we wanted to meet other parents and children with similar diagnosis as ours for the friendships, support and community! We have programs for everyone.


This is just for the kids! Children can participate in bowling and karate with other kids their age while having fun! We partner with community organizations and businesses to give our children all the opportunities any child without CP would experience. To see previous activities and a calendar visit our CPals page.


This forum provides an opportunity for parents and guardians to connect, build relationships and learn in a supportive environment. CParents events vary in topics and formatting, including guest speakers, activities, panels and Q&A opportunities. See our previous events on the CParents page.

Camp CPals

We partner with Camp For All to provide a weekend camp for families living with cerebral palsy. The adaptive design of this camp allows EVERY camper to participate in every activity, including riding a zip line. Please see the Camp CPals page for an application.


We know that it is hard to find funds for everything that is needed to help your child live a full life. That’s what we offer opportunities to apply for grants, which can help cover any costs that you cannot. Please see the Grants page for more specific information.