DSCF2509CPATH is a central Texas non-profit created to support individuals and families within the cerebral palsy community. The CPATH Grant Program was established to provide financial assistance for families of children and individuals diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Grants can be used for medical equipment/devices, therapy, recreation, and support.   


Eligibility Criteria

  • Central Texas resident living in one of the following counties:

List of counties

  • Guardian of / or an individual diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy

Grant Details:

  • $500 per medical grant maximum
  • Items considered for this grant include but are not limited to medical equipment, bathing, seating, transport, therapy tools, therapy, camps and recreation.
  • Grants will be reviewed upon receipt by the Board of Directors.
  • Grants will be awarded either as reimbursement for purchase (must provide a receipt) or paid directly to vendor.
  • Funding is not guaranteed until you have received formal funding approval in writing.

Grant Testimonials

“[My daughter] had the opportunity to challenge herself personally and as a team, experienced the fun and togetherness that other non-chronically ill campers know, and build self-confidence through a sense of achievement. You know, without your help, all joys and benefits would have not been possible and I really THANK YOU for that.”
― Michael

“We are deeply grateful for the generosity of CPATH to give us financial support to continue our son’s therapies. Not only have they helped us financial but also by giving our family the opportunities to be a part of our community with their endless devotion of planning events that includes ALL.”
― Amanda